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Act 48 of 1999 - Continuing Professional Education


Act 45 and Act 48 Moratorium Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

Free Online SAS Course website for ACT 48 hours

Frequently Asked Questions on Act 48 Continuing Professional Education Requirements (PDF)

Continuing Professional Education is important in Pennsylvania. Act 48 of 1999 requires all Pennsylvania educators holding Pennsylvania public school certification including Instructional I and II, Educational Specialist I and II, Administrative, Supervisory, Letters of Eligibility and all vocational certificates to participate in ongoing professional education.

Online Act 48 Professional Education Record Management System

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Important Act 48 Updates

Elimination of the use of Social Security Numbers to report and retrieve Act 48 continuing education credits and hours

In June of 2006, the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) instituted the use of a 7-digit individual Professional Personnel Identification Number (PPID) to be used as a secure unique identifier for all certified educators.  The intended purpose of the PPID was to create a secure alternative to the use of Social Security Numbers for reporting and retrieving Act 48 continuing professional education credits and hours.

Effective July 1, 2013, the PPID will become the sole identifying data element used to identify individual educators when reporting Act 48 professional development credits and hours into PDE's Professional Education Record Management System.  The Social Security Number will no longer be able to be used as a key identifier to reference individual educators when uploading Act 48 hours into the Professional Education Record Management System.

Effective July 1, 2013, providers should no longer collect Social Security Numbers from educators on continuing professional education activity registration forms, sign-in/sign-out sheets at Act 48 professional development activities, or on forms used to collect information from educators in order to upload credits for completed course work. Educators should be aware of the necessity to know and be able to provide their PPID as an individual identifier when participating in Act 48 activities.

Educators can find their PPID by going to PDE's website at www.education.state.pa.us(scroll to the bottom of the homepage and click "Act 48 Reporting System" under PDE Online Services).  School districts and LEAs are also advised that PPIDs must be used when generating an Educator's Report in order to ascertain the Act 48 status of their employed educators.

For more information, contact Pat Fortenbaugh, Administrative Assistant of the Division of Planning at pfortenbau@pa.gov or (717) 772-3817.


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