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Impact of Crime Class (ICC)

The Impact of Crime Class is offered throughout the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections (DOC) in their institutions for inmates.  It is a voluntary, interactive and educational program designed to raise an inmate's awareness about the impact of crime on victims.  It is also designed to increase inmates' level of accountability and empathy for those they harmed, while providing a healing platform for victims of crime to share their experiences.  OVA worked with the DOC to develop a curriculum for the Impact of Crime Program, which reflects what victims and victim advocates throughout Pennsylvania want inmates to know about the effect of crime on victims.  This is a course that has no bearing on an inmate's release, it is only for inmates that want to be there.

The curriculum used in Pennsylvania focuses on the following offenses:

  • property crime
  • robbery
  • child abuse
  • sexual assault
  • homicide
  • hate/bias crime
  • driving under the influence
  • crimes against the elderly
This comprehensive curriculum relies on group activities, videos, lectures and speaker presentations.  The speakers are victims and survivors of crime who enhance the program through the sharing of their experiences of crime and their journey to recovery.  If you are interested in becoming a speaker for the Impact of Crime Classes, please contact OVA at 1-800-322-4472.  Karen Laird is the coordinator for this program and will provide more detail about being a speaker and help you determine if this is a proper step for you in your journey.  


PA ACT 143 Victim Awareness

PA 143 Victim Awareness Education Class – An educational course developed under the scope of The Crime Victims Act, to teach inmates convicted of a crime of violence, the physical, financial, and emotional impact of their crimes on victims and the community. This course must be instructed to those inmates prior to their release on parole.


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