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Nonpublic and Private School Services

The Pennsylvania Department of Education’s Division of Planning, Private Academic Schools and Nonpublic, Nonlicensed (Operated by a Bona Fide Church or Religious Body) School services section, your central source for information about private academic and nonpublic schools in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Private and nonpublic schools in Pennsylvania provide the parents of school-age children diverse alternatives to public schools. Private schools are available at all grade levels including nursery/kindergarten, elementary and secondary schools of virtually every educational philosophy and religious denomination. There are also specialty schools for special education and tutoring, as well as private academies and boarding schools. Parents can choose from among more than 3,000 nonpublic and private schools in Pennsylvania.

Through Act 89, students attending nonprofit nonpublic schools can access a program of auxiliary services that are similar to those provided to public school students in the school district in which the nonpublic school is located. In addition, Act 195, Act 90 and Act 35 provide textbooks, instructional materials and equipment, loaned free of charge, to students who attend nonpublic schools in grades kindergarten through twelve.

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